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Bradford Telegraph & Argus article on The Grand Mill and Sam Swann

Bradford's daily newspaper, The Telegraph & Argus, has published an article on the improvements at The Grand Mill, Bradford since the involvement of Sam Swann.

The full text of the article and an image is re-produced here and also be found at

Residents of Sunbridge Road Flats welcome turnaround

A BLOCK of flats close to Bradford city centre has been turned around after it was previously hit by problems, a resident says.

In 2020, the Telegraph & Argus reported on issues residents of The Grand Mill on Sunbridge Road were facing.

Concerns were raised after digit code locks leading to residential areas were removed.

People described feeling scared and claimed homeless people were found sleeping in their kitchens or electricity cupboards.

Following an initial T&A article, residents were told the lock issues would be resolved “as soon as possible”.

Now resident Simon Hatherall, who became the building's caretaker in 2020, has spoken of how it has seen major changes.

He said it is “almost like two different buildings”.

“Everyone in the building either works locally or is a student. Landlords are happy,” he said, adding that there are now things like an on-site gym.

He added: “People want to live here now. We actually have a waiting list with eighteen people on it."

He said that work is done in-house, from cleaning and painting to website maintenance.

“Many of our suppliers are our leaseholders," he said.

"That means that we can get high-quality furniture/kitchen equipment at a good price, and that helps keep the rents down."

Sam Swann, who runs the building and has made an investment of more than six figures, said:

“I came on board around June/July 2020, when I purchased a single unit as part of a relocation plan during Covid.

“From there, things just developed, such that I made further investments in the building.

“I got to know Simon, figured out that together we could do quite a lot of good in the building in terms of his ideas, in terms of my resources.”

Mr Swann said the freeholder had played an instrumental role.

He added: “It’s dramatically improved.

“We have so many checks and balances. The building is like Fort Knox in terms of being able to get in and out of zones.”

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